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Beauty Tips for Expectant Mothers

Great joy in the British royal house: Duchess Kate (35) is pregnant for the third time! Weeks before, speculation about a possible pregnancy had already begun. On the one hand, she stayed in London’s “King Edward VII Hospital” for one day in mid-August – the hospital where the Duchess was already at the beginning of her last two pregnancies due to severe morning sickness. And, on top of that, Kate’s last public appearances attracted the attention of an attentive observer with this very special Glow, which only pregnant women radiate. But despite “Baby Glow”, Duchess Kate and many other pregnant women do not feel well in their skin – and not only because of their nausea. Read more about how to get rid of eye bags for more tips.

Pregnant women, like Duchess Kate, are known to radiate from within. Nevertheless, the daily beauty routine should be increasingly adapted to the new needs of the body.

You can see it in the eyes of Duchess Kate:

She radiates this very special I-will-soon-Mami-lamp. But also the skin shines more otherwise and even the hair looks shinier and fuller. Nevertheless, a pregnancy for her and other women is also a small challenge when it comes to beauty routine. The structure of skin and hair can change drastically and therefore needs different care and attention.

Beauty tips from head to belly to foot:


During pregnancy, the hair usually becomes more lush and shiny because the female sex hormone estrogen prolongs the life phase of each individual hair.

But be careful: If hair stays longer on the head, it will be more strained and need more attention.

Tip: Increase your care products as a precaution! For example, in addition to conditioner and/or a mask, use a protective leave-in product for the tips.

Colouring hair during pregnancy – yes or no?

There are no scientific studies on hair colouring during pregnancy. It is generally recommended not to use chemical dyes during pregnancy. In the meantime there are plant based colourings which are harmless for a colour refreshment. Or you can do it like the pregnant Sarah Nowak and leave out the colouring of the hair.


The body produces the skin tanning agent melanin. On the one hand, this means that pregnant women tan more quickly. On the other hand, there is also an increased risk of sunburn because the skin is more sensitive to light. With darker types, new pigmentation spots can also develop or existing ones can become slightly darker.

The result: So-called pregnancy spots. In most cases, pigmentation is regulated after birth together with hormonal balance. Positive for expectant mothers: Acne, pimples and eating along usually clear up in the second third of pregnancy, as the skin tends to dry out.

Tip: It is therefore best to use a moist day cream with a sun protection factor or simply a sun cream as a foundation.


Hormones such as estrogens and progesterones, which otherwise announce the period, make the breasts more sensitive – especially in the first three months. The hormone boost forms new layers of fat and mammary glands, the breast is better supplied with blood and now grows up to two cup sizes. Melanin also darkens the areolas.

Tip: Make sure you invest in new bras. Wear soft and above all matching models without braces made of supporting material. Use breast and wart oils.


Ever heard of the Linea Negra? This is a dark line that can be seen from the pubic bone to the navel from the 18th week of pregnancy. The skin tanning agent melanin is also responsible for this. Many pregnant women are also afraid of stretch marks. They develop because the hormonal balance also changes the body’s own collagen (an essential component of connective tissue) – the skin loses its elasticity and no longer keeps up with the growing abdominal girth.

Creams, oils or balms with vitamin E help the skin to better adapt to the stretching load. This can alleviate the consequences – but there is no stripe-free guarantee. Your disposition plays a decisive role in this.

Tip: Nevertheless, you should start to oil your stomach regularly right at the beginning of pregnancy (a very simple body oil is enough, but special mummy products are of course more fun now). This is good for your conscience, helps against the accompanying itching and is at the same time a soothing massage for you and your baby.


Estrogens reduce hair growth and make the skin wonderfully soft – but they can also promote water retention and swell the legs. The increase in the pregnancy hormone progestin can lead to a loosening of the connective tissue, vein dilation and, depending on the genetic predisposition, varicose veins.

Tip: Avoid sitting or standing activities only. Swimming in cool water or cold compresses with Franzbranntwein can work wonders. Also wear compression stockings! This not only protects you, but is also more pleasant, especially if you have to travel for a long time. Foot baths and foot massages (perhaps by your partner) are also a blessing for Bald-Mamis’ troubled feet.



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